Novelty Bets – Online Favorites in Finland

Novelty Bets – Online Favorites in Finland

Entertainment Bets in Finland

Nothing interests bettors as much as the Eurovision!

The 2023 model Eurovision is being held in Liverpool. The first betting odds were already obtained in the second half of 2022, when there was nearly half a year left until the event. The pace of Eurovision betting just keeps increasing since the beginning of the year. Ukraine is once again the favorite among betting companies this year!

A steep rise in winning odds is made by our own Finland which in betting statistics has continuously improved its position.

TV shows and prizes

The most popular entertainment bets are various TV shows, music and cultural events where winners are announced live. These include Dancing with the Stars, Finland's Big Brother, Emma Awards, Oscar statuettes, Jussi Awards, Venlas.

Nobel Peace Prize

One of the most significant prizes awarded each autumn is the Nobel Peace Prize. The Nobel Peace Prize is one of the five Nobel Prizes awarded annually and is the overwhelming favorite among bettors.
H2 Political betting

Elections, both domestically and abroad, are a familiar and popular target. Special events may include, for example, the state-specific voting percentages in the US elections or the voting percentage in the Åland province elections in Finland. Autumn is traditionally the time of various galas and award ceremonies.